c 1630 ''AMERICAE sive INDIAE OCCIDENTALIS...'' - De Laet


''AMERICAE sive INDIAE OCCIDENTALIS… ''  Leiden :Johannes de Laet from Beschrijvinghe van West-Indien, c. 1630.  Important original engraved map (Ref: Phillips #1147-50; Burden #229; Wagner #309). (Image : 11x14’’)

Considered the finest depiction of the Americas published in the 17th century. De Laet relied on the most accurate data available, and being director of the Dutch West India Company, he had vast resources at his disposal.

Although de Laete had read reports and seen the new maps depicting California as an Island, and the Northwest Passage as a supposed reality, he chose to rely on ''more trustworthy accounts such as Herrera'' and depicted California in peninsular form and ignored the Northwest Passage altogether. The map shows the best West Coast delineation up to the time of its issue in the early 1600's.

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