c 1848-52 ''MEXICO, MITTEL-AMERICA, TEXAS'' - Flemming


''MEXICO, MITTEL-AMERICA, TEXAS''. Glogau (Germany/Poland): Carl Flemming, c. 1848-52.  Beautifully lithographed map with old outline color. (Image: 13 x 16 1/2’’) Verso Blank

This scarce and unusual map depicts the newly expanded United States – immediately following the end of the War with Mexico.  The map was published so shortly after the war, that the region of Upper California (previously owned by Mexico) is still delineated as in the earlier version of this map – with part of the German title for The United States added over the region, and a comment at the bottom that it was added to the United States & had a population exceeding 100,000. 

The newly admitted State of Texas (statehood Dec. 1845) is shown with even more boundary than it claimed – extending here west of the Rio Grande River! Texas officially claimed all land westward to the Rio Grande and northward to the Arkansas River – an area they held until the Compromise of 1850. The region west of Texas to the Pacific was ceded to the United States with the Treaty of Peace, ending the Mexican War, February 1848. The map is undated, and went through several revisions –this example was likely issued in the 1852 edition of Karl Stohr’s World Atlas.

''N. Helvetia'' is noted in California – John Sutter’s settlement. Fleeing from financial failures in Switzerland, Sutter reached California in 1839 & persuaded the Mexican governor to grant him lands on the Sacramento River. There, at its junction with the American River, he established the colony of Nueva Helvetia (New Switzerland), later to become Sacramento. He built “Sutter’s Fort” in 1841 – where gold was discovered in 1848.

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