c 293-305 AD - CONSTANTIUS I, father of Constantine the Great


Bronze Coin – AE Large Follis, Ancient Rome, c. 293-305 AD

Ruler: Constantius I (as Caesar) Father of Constantine the Great

Obv: Laureate Head of Constantius, right

Rev: "Genius of the Roman People" standing left

Mint: Lugudunum (Lyon)

(Sear 14039) - 28mm, 10.67gm

Constantius I was Roman Emperor from 293 to 306, commonly known as Constantius Chlorus. He was the father of Constantine the Great and founder of the Constantinian dynasty.

As Caesar, he defeated the usurper Allectus in Britain and campaigned extensively along the Rhine frontier, defeating the Alamanni and Franks. Upon becoming Augustus in 305, Constantius launched a successful punitive campaign against the Picts beyond the Antonine Wall. However, Constantius died suddenly in Eburacum (York) the following year. His death sparked the collapse of the tetrarchic system of government inaugurated by the Emperor Diocletian.

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