c 1746 ''AMERICAE Mappa generalis...'' - Homann


(Image: 18 1/4 x 21’’)  ''AMERICAE Mappa generalis…'' Nuremberg: Homann Heirs, c. 1746, dated in the cartouche.  Fine engraved map with original hand-coloring.

This highly decorative 18th century map depicts the Americas with the various political regions color-coded. The ''Line of Demarcation'' is accurately drawn, and a great deal of Western Europe and Western Africa is included. Indian tribes are located throughout the map.

In North America California is shown in peninsular form; however the northwest region is still in doubt (and completely omitted).  The mythical region of Quivira also remains on the North American continent.  The very elaborate title cartouche depicts Native Americans surrounded by plants, birds and items indigenous to the continents, with volcanoes actively erupting in the background.

Shipped unmatted

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