Duhamel - Traites des Arbres Fruitiers c. 1768 - Cherries


A fine 18th century copper-plate engraving from TRAITE DES ARBRES FRUITIERS (Treatise on Fruit) by Henri Louis Duhamel Du Monceau. Beautiful original hand-coloring. Published in Paris, c. 1768.

This is Plate V, "Cerisier à fleur Semi-double", also known as the Double-Flowering Cherry. 

This elegant work included the artistic talents of Aubriet, Magd Basseport, and Le Berriays. The splendor of the plates “in the fruit book, drawn and engraved by various hands, were particularly brilliant and mouth-watering”. Duhamel was exclusively and passionately interested in trees and shrubs. “He was the first to advocate the cultivation and naturalization on a large scale of foreign trees in France…from which he raised seedlings on his own estates for distribution to his friends” (Coats: The Book of Flowers, #67-68). 

Plate size is approximately 10 1/4 x 8 1/2 inches.

Excellent condition, Shipped Unmatted with Certificate of Authenticity.

  • Inventory# B-552