Ancient Roman Bronze Eagle Brooch, c. 2nd Cent AD


Bronze Fibula: Ancient Roman - Eagle Brooch, Circa 2nd Century AD

A fine Ancient Roman bronze zoomorphic brooch depicting a bird in flight. The eagle was the symbol of Ancient Rome, and this was probably a military item. The form is very sculptured and streamlined with incised “magic eye” symbols on the wings and tail. It has a fine green/brown patina. The spring mechanism and pin are intact. See Hattatt “Ancient Brooches,” page 360 & 361 for other bird brooches.

The fibula was in widespread use throughout the ancient world. The Roman conquests spread the use of the fibula, which became the basis for more complicated brooches. In the severe climate of northern Europe, it routinely functioned as a fastening for a heavy cloak or tunic.

(36 mm in Length – 1 5/16”)

  • Inventory# PA-3498