c 1865 Map of the US Southwest - Johnson


 “JOHNSON’S CALIFORNIA, WITH TERRITORIES OF UTAH, NEVADA, COLORADO,  NEW MEXICO AND ARIZONA” New York:  Johnson and Ward, c. 1865. Lithographed map with original hand-coloring. Closed tear lower center margin. (Image: 17x23 ¼’’)

This attractive and very historical map depicts the States of California and Nevada the Territories of  Utah (statehood 1896), Colorado (statehood 1876), New Mexico and Arizona (both admitted 1912).  Although New Mexico and Arizona are no longer shown in horizontal configuration, several counties still extend horizontally through both territories!

Most of the Indian Tribes, the gold regions, silver regions, and copper regions are located.  Also shown are the Pony Express Routes, existing and proposed rail routes, and comments regarding the terrain of many areas.

The map identifies the border determined by Gadsden Purchase and notes U.S. exploratory routes. The place where Capt. J. W Gunnison (a West Point graduate & army engineer) was “killed by the Indians” is shown in Utah (west of Ft. Union).

A highly informative view of the developing Western Region as it was unfolding in the 1860's – at the end of the Civil War!

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