''VEREINIGTE STAATEN VON NORD-AMERICA'' Glogau (Germany /Poland): Carl Flemming, c. 1845.  Lithographed map with hand-coloring. Right & left margins extended to facilitate matting.(Image: 12 1/4 x 16 1/8’’) 

This handsome map depicts the United States and its Territories numbered and in contrasting colors.  The Republic of Texas (an independent nation until joining the United States in December, 1845) is also named and separately outlined.

The ''German Colony'' is located within the Republic of Texas (west of Austin). Texas claimed the region westward to the Rio Grande and northward to the Arkansas River (an area they held until the Compromise of 1850), while Mexico insisted Texas’ boundaries only extended westward to the Nueces and northward to the Red River. The chart at the left lists the 29 States and Territories and 3 ''Districts'' along with their area and population.

Also listed is the population for 7 major U.S. cities according the Census of 1820 and 1840.  Indian Tribes are located throughout the map, and notes regarding the controversial northwest boundary of Oregon Territory (settled in 1844) is provided off the northwest coast.

Shipped unmatted

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