c 1634 "AMERICA noviter delineata" - Hondius Americas


“AMERICA noviter delineata” Amsterdam: Henricus Hondius, c. 1634. Ref: Phillips #447; Burden #192, State 3 (First Issue of the H.  Hondius version - dated 1631 and verso text in Dutch). Original engraved map, centerfold as issued. (Image: 14 ¾ x 19 ¾’’)

This very uncommon and extremely detailed map depicts the Americas in a highly decorative manner.  Based on the 1618 map by Jodicus Hondius, Jr. it was modified by his brother Henricus Hondius showing the St. Lawrence Bay and River much improved and Tierra del Fuego is now separated from the tip of South America. 

California is shown as a peninsula. The northwest coast is shown oriented westward to Cape Mendocino, and then veering northeast - suggesting a Northwest Passage (also why the Hudson Bay is left open). In Henricus Hondius’ 1636 map of North America he would change and depict California as an island helping to advance the popular notion for nearly a century. Also interesting to note: The South American continent is oversized, with Indians and animal vignettes in the interior; the Rio Grande flows into the Gulf of California; the 7 cities of Cibola appear on a lake, which is the apparent source of the Rio Grande. 

Topographical features are shown (many purely speculative, or mythical), and most known towns, cities, missions, and Indian villages are located. The insets show both Polar Regions. Sea monsters decorate the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Attractive example of this early issue of the H. Hondius map of the Americas. Nice condition with large margins, a few small brown spots.

Shipped unmatted

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