"A map with the "Republic of Texas" named - Published 1845


CARTE GÉNÉRALE des ÉTATS – UNIS MEXICAINS de la RÉPUBLIQUE DU TEXAS et des Etats de L’AMÉRIQUE CENTRALE.” Paris: A. H. Brué,  1845 (dated), published by C. Picquet in Brue's "Atlas Universal de Geographie...". Very fine engraved map with original hand-coloring. (Image: 20 x 14 ¼’’) 

This historical map is one of the few published with the Republic of Texas in the title! It depicts the region from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific.

The Republic of Texas is named and delineated - following the Rio Grande northward to the Arkansas River.  San Felipe de Austin is clearly marked (the site chosen by Austin’s first colonists as headquarters of the colony & becoming the unofficial capital of all the first Anglo-American settlements). Indian tribes are located throughout the map.

The region in central “Nueva California” is simply labeled unknown “Pays inconnue”.  Published just 3 years prior to the discovery of Gold in California and Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (ending the War with Mexico and annexing the area to the United States), little was known about the area. 

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