"...United States..." c 1854 - CA Gold Region


“A NEW MAP OF THE UNITED STATES of America”.  J. H. Young. Philadelphia:  Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co., c. 1854.   Engraved map with original hand-coloring. (Image: 15 ¾ x 26’’) (Ref: Wheat, #685; Wheat. Maps of the California Gold Region, #167).

This map depicts the United States soon after the California Gold Discovery. The map depicts the Western Region of the Country as Oregon Territory, Missouri or Northwest Territory, Indian Territory (UNUSUAL configuration), Minnesota Territory, Utah Territory, Territory of New Mexico and the State of California.

The inset shows the Gold Region of California – with Suttersville just south of Sacramento City.

Bonpland Lake (Lake Tahoe) is shown draining to the west. Near the Great Salt Lake is found “MORMONS” - “This being one of the few maps which displays the proposed Mormon principality” (Wheat).

Throughout the map Indian tribes are located, and important trails such as the Santa Fe Trail, the Oregon Trail  and the Great Spanish Trail from Santa Fe to Los Angeles. Exploratory routes are noted including Fremont’s Route, Gen. Kearny’s Route, and General Arbuckle’s Routes. 

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