"...New York, New Hampshire, Vt, Ma, RI, CT" 1862


“COUNTY MAP OF THE STATES OF NEW YORK, NEW HAMPSHIRE, VERMONT. MASSACHUSETTS, RHODE ID. AND CONNECTICUT”  Philadelphia:  S. Augustus Mitchell,  Jr. c. 1862.  Engraved map with original hand-coloring.(Image: 13 1/4 x 21 1/8') Some staining in Wayne County, New York and Windham County Vermont.

This map, with its highly decorative border, depicts the states with their counties in contrasting colors. Topographical features are shown with major towns, cities, mountains, rail routes, land routes and water routes identified

. The two insets depict the “Harbor and Vicinity of Boston” and “Harbor and Vicinity of New York”. A very detailed view of the states as they existed during the Civil War.

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