Ancient Greek Silver Stater - Ruler: Datames c. 378-362 BC


Silver Stater, Ancient Greece - Tarsos (Cilicia), c. 378-362 BC

Ruler: Datames

Obv: Baal enthroned left with Eagle and Scepter

Rev: Datames standing at right, venerating Sky-God Ana at left

(Sear-G5646), 23mm, 10.22gm

Tarsos was the first city of Cilicia and capital of the native rulers down to circa 400 BC. It was situated in the fertile eastern plain on the river Kydnos, about 12 miles from the sea. In the 4th century, until the arrival of Alexander in 333 BC, Tarsos was the chief mint of the Persian satraps. Eventually, in the 1st century BC, it became the capital of the Roman province of Cilicia.

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