Elaborately illuminated opening ''carpet page'' Poems Hafiz c 16


Original leaf from a calligraphic manuscript of the Divan of Hafiz - collected poems of Muhammed Shamsuddin Hafiz (died c. 1388 A.D.) - one of the most celebrated writers of Persian lyrical poetry. (170x110mm) 

Executed in Persia, c. 1650 A.D.

Elaborately illuminated "Carpet Page" from the opening of the Poems of Hafiz.  Heavily embellished with a lavish floral border and "gold cloud"  surrounding the fine calligraphy.

Written in geometric patterns of Persian Ta’liq script on polished paper. Inner margins ruled in gold, with corner embellishments in floral patterns. Inner panels are ruled ink in blue, red and gold, and additional panels and flourishes of gold leaf are added.

This is a fine example from one of the most beautiful and revered Persian literary works.

Presented in an archival 14x11'' mat

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