"...Maryland and Delaware..." c 1856 - Listing farms, slaves...


“A NEW MAP OF MARYLAND AND DELAWARE...” Philadelphia: Charles Desilver, c. 1856.  Engraved map with original hand-coloring.  (Image: 11 ½ x 14 5/8’’) 

This map depicts the states with their counties named and in contrasting colors.  Major cities, towns, water-routes, railroads and stage roads are shown.  Distances between many towns are also noted.  Steam Boat Routes from “Baltimore to Norfolk”, “Baltimore to Philadelphia” and “Baltimore to Washington” are provided in the upper right. 

The chart, lower left, lists the number of Farms, Dwellings, Families, Slaves, Total Population and Manufacturing Establishments of Maryland’s major cities as of 1850.

Also shown is the change in population in Maryland from 1790 to 1840.  A very informative view of the state as it existed prior to the Civil War

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