Ancient Silver Coin - Azes (One of 3 Wise Men) - 14k Gold Mount


SILVER DRACHM, Indo-Scythian, c. 20 BC – 5 AD

~ AZES II (One of the 3 Wise Men) ~


This is a fine example of a coin portraying Azes II (considered one of the 3 Wise Men - Gaspard?), beautifully mounted as a pendant in a custom 14k gold setting.  The front of the coin features Azes on Horseback (with legend in Greek). It is designed so that the reverse, featuring Athena standing (with legend in Karoshti), is also visible. The coin is Indo-Scythian and was minted in 20 BC – 5 AD.

Coins attributed to Azes II use Greek and Kharoshti inscriptions, depict a Greek goddess as his protector, and thereby essentially follow the numismatic model of the Greek kings of the Indo-Greek kingdom, suggesting a high willingness to accommodate Greek culture. A novel difference of the Indo-Scythians was to show the king on a horse, rather than his bust in profile as did the Greeks.

Provenance: ex New Yorl estate collection. Pendant hand-crafted in 14k gold by Aber & Levine, jewelers of Kedumim, Israel.  Diameter without loop 22 mm, total weight 5.32 gm.

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