"...British Dominions in North America..." 1763 Kitchen


 “A New MAP of the BRITISH DOMINIONS in NORTH AMERICA...”  London:  Thomas Kitchin, as published for The History of War in the Annual Register, c. 1763.  Engraved map with later hand-coloring. Left margin extended  to facilitate matting.   (Image: 9 ½ x 11 7/8’’)     Reference:  Jolly, #ANNREG-3; McCorkle #763.5.

This scarce map is one of the earliest available maps following the1763 Treaty of Paris ending the French & Indian War in North America which was the final struggle between the French government, & its colonies in America, & the English government & its colonies for control of the North American continent.

The new boundaries are reflected: The French relinquished to England all her possessions on the mainland of North America east of the Mississippi River except New Orleans; Spain ceded Florida to England in exchange for Havana; & France ceded to Spain the territory west of the Mississippi. The colonies of Virginia, North & South Carolina, & Georgia, laid claim to all lands extending west to the Mississippi River - these claims are clearly marked on this map.

Prior to 1800, the Annual Register published only this one map relating to America.

Indian tribes are located throughout, and most cities, towns, waterways, mountains and islands are located. The inset depicts the southern portion of Florida – shown as an archipelago.

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