c 1700's Large Manuscript Koran Leaf - Persian


Original manuscript leaf from a Persian Koran scribed in the 1700’s. Nine lines of very fine hand written calligraphy in elegant naskhi script with diacriticals in black and red. Circular versals are saffron yellow. The borders of the text block( 11 x 7.5 inches) are ruled in red, blue and yellow on fine hand-made polished paper. (17.5 x 13 inches)

This leaf is from an unusually large Koran. Korans of this impressive size are seldom seen - they were most often reserved for use in Mosques, and are significantly scarcer than the smaller Korans made for personal use!!

A very nice clean leaf with clear,text - Some damp staining in the margin; one wormhole in the margin just below the text area.

“For Islam, calligraphy is the queen of the arts. Everything is subservient to the Word. The best artists became adept not in reproducing, say, the human form or landscape, but rather in illuminating God’s Word” (Smithsonian Book of Books, p.52)

Shipped unmatted.

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