1854 Land Grant - Creek Indian in Seminole Wars


A very fine land grant executed on animal parchment March 1, 1854, with the secretarial signature of President Franklin Pierce, by John H. Wheeler, Asst. Secretary. (Overall size:  10 x 16 ¼’’) 

This document refers to the granting of “Bounty Land to certain Officers and Soldiers who have been engaged in the Military Service of the United States”.  Issued to Fose Hatchee Yoholo, private in Captain (Talmaness?) Harjo’s Company, Alabama Volunteers, Florida War.  The property (160 acres) was located in Danville, Illinois.

The document is countersigned by M. Granger, Recorder of the General Land Office, and bears the Official Land Office Seal.

John H. Wheeler (1806-1882) historian, lawyer, diplomat was the first superintendent of the Charlotte Mint 1837-1841,  Assistant Secretary to the President (Pierce), US Minister to Nicaragua 1854-57, and lifelong historian of North Carolina.

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