"A New Map of Africa...1797" Cadell & Davies


“A New Map of AFRICA…”  London: Cadell & Davies, c. 1797 (dated in the cartouche and lower margin). Engraved map with later hand-coloring.  (Image: 7 3/8 x 8 ¾’’)  Very Nice condition with left and lower margins extended to facilitate matting.

This map depicts the African continent with geography as known at that time - with few geographic features in the unexplored central regions. The coastal regions are well described and  bays, rivers, deserts, villages and islands are also located.

The map is surprisingly detailed as to the tribal and regional names. The Mandingos are noted in Western coastal Africa and the Hottentot Tribe is named in the southern region, as is the Kingdom of Monomotapa. 

Gold Mines are noted in the southern area and the Dutch Fort is also noted as an indication of a settlement at the Cape. An interesting view of the African continent about 220 years ago - before the nineteenth century explorations added to the knowledge of much of the continent.

Presented in an archival 14x15'' mat

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