364-378 AD Gold Roman Solidus - Emperor Valens


Gold Solidus - Ancient Rome, c. 364-378 AD.

Ruler: Valens (Augustus), Killed in a battle with Goths.

Obv: Diademed bust of Valens right.

Rev: Valens standing, holding labarum and Victory'' RESTITUTOR REPUBLICAE''.

Mint: Antioch.

Sear-4004. 21mm, 4.15gm.

Valens was the Eastern Roman Emperor from 364 to 378 ad. He was given the eastern half of the empire by his brother Valentinian I after the latter's accession to the throne.

Valens, sometimes known as the Last True Roman, was defeated and killed in the Battle of Hadrianopolis, which marked the beginning of the collapse of the Western Roman Empire.

The Battle of Adrianople, also spelled Hadrianopolis, (Aug. 9, ad 378), was a battle fought at present Edirne, in European Turkey, resulting in the disasterous defeat of a Roman army commanded by the emperor Valens at the hands of the Germanic Visigoths led by Fritigern and augmented by Ostrogothic and other reinforcements. Nearly 2/3 of the Roman army. including Valens, was killed.

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