Roman Gold Solidus - Zeno & Victory c 476-491 AD


Gold Solidus - Ancient Rome/Byzantine, c. 476-491 AD.

Emperor: Zeno

Obv: Cuirassed & helmeted bust of Zeno, facing, ''DN ZENO PERPET AVG"

Rev: Winged Victory standing left holding long cross.

Mint: Constantinople. 

Exceptional Condition! (Sear 4285) - 20mm, 4.48 gm

Zeno (c. 425 – 9 April 491), originally named Tarasis, was the Eastern Roman/Byzantine Emperor from 474 to 475 and again from 476 to 491. Domestic revolts and religious dissension plagued his reign, which nevertheless succeeded to some extent in foreign issues. His reign saw the end of the Western Roman Empire under Julius Nepos, but he contributed much to stabilizing the eastern Empire.


  • Inventory# PA-3172