c 1827 ''Asia'' - Finley


''ASIA'' Philadelphia:  Anthony Finley, from  A New General Atlas, 1827.  Very fine map with full original hand-coloring, engraved by Young & Delleker. (Image: 111/4’’ x 8 3/4’’)

This map depicts the continent of Asia with countries named and in contrasting outline color.  Australia is included in Asia as was common at the time.  The Chinese Wall is clearly noted.

New Siberia or Land of Liakhov (North of Siberia in the Arctic Ocean) is located.  Discovered by Ivan Liakhov in the late 18th century, Liakhov noted such enormous quantities of fossilized ivory on these islands that he speculated that many of the islands were formed entirely of the ivory. Within a few years over 200,000 tons of ivory had been removed from the island.  100 years later, in the 1880's after providing the bulk of the world's supply of ivory, travelers to the region noted no apparent diminishment of fossil ivory.

Topographical features are also shown, and major cities, towns, mountains, deserts, waterways and islands are identified. An attractive view of the region as it was known in the 1820’s.

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