Greek Silver Stater - Athletes Wrestling - c 370-333 BC


Silver Stater, Ancient Greece - Pamphylia: Aspendos, c. 370-333 BC.

Obv: Two naked athletes wrestling.

Rev: Slinger advancing right, Triskeles in right field.

Fine detail, toned.

(Sear 5396v) (23 mm, 10.94gm)

The Pamphylians were a mixture of aboriginal inhabitants, immigrant Cilicians and Greeks who migrated there from Arcadia and Peloponnese in the 12th century BC. The significance of the Greek contribution to the origin of the Pamphylians can be attested alike by tradition and archaeology and Pamphylia can be considered a Greek country from the early Iron Age until the early Middle Ages.

There can be little doubt that the Pamphylians and Pisidians were the same people, though the former had received colonies from Greece and other lands, and from this cause, combined with the greater fertility of their territory, had become more civilized than their neighbours in the interior.

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