Ornate Roman Silver & Seal Stone Pendant - Sol in Quadriga


SILVER AND SEAL STONE PENDANT - Ancient Roman, c. 1st - 2nd Century AD 

A large and ornate oval Roman silver pendant with a jasper intaglio skillfully carved with the depiction of Sol in a Quadriga (four horse chariot), galloping right.

In an excellent state of preservation, with the loop intact.

Adornment in ancient Roman culture was always of great importance. Citizens would go to great lengths to a quire the latest fashion in clothing, hairstyles, and jewelry. Roman men, women, and children of all social classes wore jewelry, some of it quite elaborate and some very simple. It was viewed both as adornment and as visible evidence of wealth.

Gold was the most desirable choice and was commonly used for the wealthy. Jewelry of silver, bronze and copper was available for those who could not afford gold and precious gemstones. Slaves were not allowed to wear gold and instead, iron rings were available to them.

Size: 39 x 32 mm (1 ½ x 1 ¼ inches)

  • Inventory# PA-3448