Gold (EL) Aspron Trachy - Christ Seated c 1118-1143 AD


Gold (EL) Aspron Trachy - Eastern Roman-Byzantine, c. 1118-1143 AD.

Ruler: John II Comnenus.

Obv: Christ Nimbate seated on throne with Gospels.

Rev: Virgin Nimbate standing on rt, John standing on left holding Labarum & Akakia.

Mint: Thessalonica

RARE issue! 

26mm, 2.75gm. 

John II Comnenus (''John the Good'' or ''John the Beautiful''), was the eldest son of Emperor Alexios I Komnenos and Irene Doukaina. The second emperor of the Komnenian restoration of the Byzantine Empire.

John was a pious and dedicated monarch who was determined to undo the damage his empire had suffered following the battle of Manzikert, half a century earlier.

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