Ancient Thracian Heavy Silver Bracelet c. 3rd Century BC


Heavy Silver Bracelet, Ancient Greece - Thrace, c. 3rd Century BC

A heavy, unusual ancient Thracian silver bracelet crafted from a single strip of hammered silver. The six-sided face of the bracelet is enhanced with an incised geometric motif. The band arms are tightly wrapped with coils of silver to provide strength and flexibility. This bracelet would have been a showy reminder of the owner’s status.

Though probably produced during the early Hellenistic (Greco-Roman) era, the design hearkens back to a more archaic style.

In fine wearable condition with a darkly toned “find” patina.

Cuff Diameter:  66mm - 2 9/16”

Face Height: 45mm – 1 3/4”

Weight: 58.25gm

  • Inventory# PA-3549