c 1530 Miniature of Christ, St Paul & 11 Apostles


Beautiful original historiated initial excised from a highly illuminated manuscript Choir Book.  Executed by hand on animal parchment with tempera and heavily burnished gold. (140 x 150mm - 5.6 x 6.0").

On verso are vestiges of black square note music on a red four-line stave with rotunda script in black.     

France, c. 1530

handsome miniature in fine condition from what must have been a truly deluxe manuscript choir book - perhaps made for a Royal Chapel - by a Parisian artist. Christ is shown as the central full-length figure, holding a golden orb surmounted with a golden cross, and with golden rays emanating toward heaven from his head. To Christ’s left is St. Paul holding a book and his attribute, a sword.  St. Peter is to Christ’s right – holding his attribute, a key. In the background are ten of the apostles (Judas being absent).

Custom matted with archival materials and framed with UV filtering glass.


  • Inventory# IM-4607