c 1847 - Texas during the Mexican-American War - Mitchell


“MAP OF TEXAS FROM the most recent authorities…1847” Philadelphia:  C. S. Williams, 1847 (from S. Augustus Mitchell’s Universal Atlas).  Engraved map with exceptionally bright original hand-coloring.(Image: 12x15’’) 

This map is the atlas issue of the separately issued version first published in 1845. It depicts the newly admitted State of Texas (1845) - detailing the region with the vast boundaries claimed by the former Republic (following the Rio Grande northward to the Arkansas River in present-day Colorado).

The thirty-six counties are named and in contrasting color.  “Fort Alamo” and the site of the “Battle of San Jacinto 1836” are both clearly marked. Also noted is the “Silver Mine” southwest of San Antonio.  Across Bexar County is listed as “Range of the Comanches” while the northern-most region of the Republic (Santa Fe eastward) is marked as the “Summer Range of the Comanches”.  A fine map of Texas as it existed in the early years of statehood (boundaries were reduced following the 1850 Compromise).

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