c 1863 "Map of South America..." - Mitchell


“MAP OF SOUTH AMERICA SHOWING ITS POLITICAL DIVISIONS”  Philadelphia:  S. Augustus Mitchell Jr , from Mitchell’s “New General Atlas”, c. 1863, (copyright date of 1860 in the lower margin).  Engraved map with exceptionally bright original hand-coloring, and elaborately decorated border.(Image: 13 3/8 x 10 5/8’’) 

This historical map shows South America in considerable detail.  Political boundaries are noted and major cities and towns are identified. 

Topographical features are shown, and mountains, deserts, islands and waterways are located.

The inset provides a close-up view of the proposed Panama Canal area or “Atrato-Inter-Oceanic Canal Routes, for connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans”.  Very detailed view of South America as it was known in the 1860's!

Shipped unmatted


  • Inventory# M-14104