c 1847 A New Map of Indiana - Mitchell


“A NEW MAP OF INDIANA…” Philadelphia: S. Augustus Mitchell, c. 1847.  Engraved map with original hand coloring. (Image: 14 x 11 ¼’’)

This detailed map depicts Indiana with its counties named and in contrasting colors. Topographical features are shown and many cities and towns are located. Numerous land routes, water routes, steamboat routes and rail routes are identified. 

Post Offices, “Battle Gd” (Wabash/Grant County), “Old Indian Boundary, and Military Forts are also shown. The inset, left, lists the Steam Boat Routes from “Louisville to Pittsburg” and “Louisville to New Orleans”. 

The inset, right, depicts the “Profile of the Wabash and Erie Canal”. An excellent view of the state as it existed prior to the Civil War!

Shipped unmatted

  • Inventory# M-14318