c 1646 Venezuela and Northern South AM, Blaeu Highly decorative


“VENEZVELA, cum parte Australi NOVAE AND ALVSIAE” Amsterdam: Willem J. Blaeu, c. 1646. Verso text: French. Beautifully engraved map with original hand-coloring.  References: Van der Krogt, (Atlantes) 9830:2.2; Koeman, Bl17.87. (Image: 14 ¾ x 19 ¼’’) 

This very detailed map depicts the region from Golfo de Venezuela in the west to the island of Trinidad in the east, including the Dutch-held islands of Curacao, Aruba & Bonaire.

Topographical features are shown and most cities, towns, villages, mountains and waterways are located. Several indigenous animals decorate the map which is further enhanced by two cartouches, two compass roses and a ship at sea.

The river Orinoco “was, and remains, the most difficult to navigate” of the three main rivers on the continent. Columbus thought he had found the mouth of one of the four rivers of Paradise when, during his 3rd voyage in 1498, he noted fresh water from the Orinoco. Throughout the 16th century men searched for the legendary kingdom of El Dorado. Although he never found El Dorado, between 1584-1591 Antonio de Berrio “made several discoveries of river valleys in the interior. By a curious twist of fate, Berrio while waiting in Trinidad for further orders from Spain, was captured by Sir Walter Raleigh, to whom he divulged his knowledge of the region, as well as a great deal of intended misinformation.” (Royal Geographical Society, Blaeu’s The Grand Atlas, p.178). 

Shipped unmatted

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