c 1626 "THE KINGDOME OF PERSIA ...'' - John Speed


“THE KINGDOME OF PERSIA with the cheef Citties and Habites described”  London: John Speed,  c. 1626 from the Atlas "A PROSPECT OF THE MOST FAMOUS PARTS OF THE WORLD" Exceptionally fine engraved map with old hand-color in English style. (Image: 15 ½ x 20 ¼’’) Engraved by Abraham Goos. Verso text: English. Some chipping and small tears in margin not into map.

This highly decorative map depicts the Persian Empire in the 1620’s. It is one of the most ornate cartes a figures to include the Caspian Sea and the territories of modern-day Iran, Iraq and Pakistan. Topographical features shown and most major towns, cities, mountain ranges and waterways are named. 

A fine Cartes à Figures Map: Across the top of are panoramas of four major Persian cities: “Spaha, Ormus, Tarvis & Gilan” (present day Isfahan, Hormuz, Tabriz & Tehran); the panels at each side illustrate the social hierarchy of Persian society with full-length portraits of a nobleman, citizen, countryman, and Turkish man with their respective female partners. 

Shipped unmatted


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