c 1850 ''East Canada...'' - Tallis


 "EAST CANADA, AND NEW BRUNSWICK" London, Edinburgh & Dublin: J. & F. Tallis, c.1850. Beautifully engraved map with original outline color.(Image: 10 x 13'')

This map depicts ''East Canada'' and New Brunswick surrounded by exceptionally ornate borders and vignettes depicting ''North American Indians'' and an attractive early view of ''Quebec''.  Topographical features are shown with major towns, cities, mountains, and water routes identified.

"East Canada", previously called Lower Canada, is the region in Canada now known as Quebec. From 1791 to 1841 the region was known as Lower Canada and from 1841 to 1867 as Canada East, though the two names continued to be used interchangeably. New Brunswick is one of Canada's Atlantic maritime provinces. In 1867 it was one of the four founding provinces of the Canadian Confederation.

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