c 1688 ''Parte della NUOVA SPAGNA...'' - Coronelli


''Parte della NUOVA SPAGNA…''  Venice: Vincenzo Maria Coronelli, c. 1688.  Exceptionally well-engraved original map. (Image: 17 3/4 x 24’’)  

This map depicts New Spain from present-day Mazatlan to Acapulco and including MEXICO CITY & GUADALAJARA. Topographical features are shown & described. Major towns, cities, mines, missions and Indian villages are identified.

At the mountain range in the north, the descriptive notes the rich deposits of silver to be found. Other annotations describe manners and customs of Indians.

Coronelli, a Franciscan priest, was a highly respected mathematician, cartographer & globe maker. His maps & globes were highly accurate for the time.  ''Perhaps largely through his religious connections, Coronelli had access to geographical information from the explorers then moving throughout the southwestern regions of North America…His beautiful cartographic productions represented the state of art of printing. As Royal Geographer to the Republic of Venice, his maps were favorably received by the highest political and scientific circles in Paris and London'' (Martin & Martin, Maps of Texas and the Southwest, p. 87).

 Shipped unmatted 

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