Ancient Greek Silver Tetradrachm - Antiochos VIII Epiphanes


Silver Tetradrachm - Ancient Greece, Seleucid Kingdom, c. 121-113 BC

Ruler: Antiochos VIII Epiphanes (ruler 121-96 BC)

Obv: Diademed Bust of Antiochos, right

Rev: Zeus standing, left with scepter and star, crescent above his head

Mint: Antioch, minted c 121-113 BC

28mm, 16.33gm

Nice Portrait and Reverse!

Antiochos VIII Epiphanes, ruler of the Seleucid Kingdom, was the son of Demetrius II and Cleopatra Thea, daughter of Ptolemy VI of Egypt. At first he was joint ruler with his mother. Fearing her influence, Antiochus VIII had Cleopatra Thea poisoned in 121 BC.  He had married the Ptolemaic princess Tryphaena ca. 125 BC,  and had six children by her: Seleucus VI  Epiphanes; Antiochos XI Epiphanes; Philip I Philadelphus; Demetrius IIII Eucarus; Antiochos XII Dionysus: and Laodice VII Thea, married to King Mithradates I of Commagene.

In 116 BC his half-brother Antiochos IX Cyzicenus returned from exile and a civil war began. Eventually the two brothers divided Syria between them until Antiochos VIII was killed by his minister Heracleon in 96 BC

His sons, Antiochos XI Epiphanes and Seleucus VI Epiphanes were minor participants in the civil wars which clouded the last years of the once glorious Seleucids, now reduced to local dynasties in Syria. Following the defeat of his brother in 95 BC by Antiochus X Eusebes, Antiochus XI and yet another brother, Philip I Philadelphus, opted for revenge and besieged Antiochia. In 92 BC, after the campaign had ended in defeat, Antiochus XI was forced to flee but drowned in the river Orontes while trying to cross it on horseback.

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