Ancient Roman Bronze Coin - AE 3 - JOVIAN c. 363-364 AD


Bronze Coin - AE 3 (Centenionalis), Ancient Rome, c 363-364 AD

Ruler: Jovian

Obv: Laureate bust of Jovian, right

Rev: Votive Issue with "VOT X/ MVLT X" in wreath

Mint: Sirmium

Scarce – ruled only 8 months

RIC 118, 20 mm, 3.62gm

Flavius Jovianus was the captain of the imperial guard under Julian and, following the latter's death, he was proclaimed emperor by the army. The new ruler lacked the great ability of his predecessor and immediately began to withdraw his troops from Persian territory. In order to ensure a safe retreat he concluded a shameful peace with the Persians by which the Romans surrendered most of the territories which they had acquired during the reign of Diocletian. Having reached Roman territory Jovian set out for Constantinople, but was "accidentally" suffocated at Dadastana, in Galatia, through a brazier of charcoal having been left in his bed-chamber.

  • Inventory# PA-3424