Ancient Roman Bronze Sestertius c. 244- 249 AD - PHILIP I


Bronze Sestertius, Ancient Rome, c. 244-249 AD

Emperor: Philip I

Obv:"IMP M IVL Philippvs AVG"'   Laureate bust of Philip, right.

Rev: "VICTORIA AVG"  Victory advancing, right, with wreath

Mint: Rome, struck 244-5 AD

Sear-R9020, 28mm, 18.51gm      Excellent condition with nice portrait and fine dark patina

Marcus Julius Philippus (c. 204 – 249), commonly known as Philip the Arab or Philippus I Arabus, was Roman Emperor from 244 to 249. He came from Syria, and rose to become a major figure in the empire. He achieved power after the death of Gordian III, quickly negotiating peace with the Persian empire.

During his reign Rome celebrated its millennium. Among early Christian writers Philip had the reputation of being sympathetic to the Christian faith. It was even claimed that he converted to Christianity, becoming the first Christian emperor, but this is disputed. Philip was overthrown and killed following a rebellion led by his successor Trajan Decius. 

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