c 1755 British & French Settlements in North America


“A MAP of the BRITISH AND FRENCH SETTLEMENTS IN NORTH AMERICA.”  Published:  Gentlemen’s Magazine, London, July 1755.  Cartography by John Lodge.  Original engraved map. Folds as issued, verso blank. Left margin extended to facilitate matting. (Paper size:  12 x 17 ¾ ’’ – Image size: 11 x 15 ¼’’ – 280x390mm)

A marvelous historical map of the eastern half of North America from Hudson Bay to the Gulf of Mexico highlighting the area in dispute between the French and English at the outset of the French & Indian War.  

This is one of the earliest maps to show the theater of war in a conflict that would soon erupt on a global scale. Within a year after this map was published, Britain formally declared war on France, sparking the worldwide conflict known as the Seven Years’ War, and ending in 1763 with the Treaty of Paris where France lost the majority of its colonial claims in North America to the British victors. 

Colonies are labeled as well as forts and other settlements and various Indian tribes around the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. Bodies of water and some geographic features are also marked. At least 30 early English and French forts are shown. “The French Incroachments are shewn by Oblique strokes, and their Forts with two Strokes, the English Forts by a single Stroke."  

The map includes historical notes on the English claim to North America and the origins of several colonies. The boundaries of Virginia, North Carolina, Southern Carolina and Georgia extend to the Mississippi. 

Well printed in black on laid period paper, finely engraved with descriptive details and a large title cartouche at lower right. In overall fine antiquarian condition, originally notched for folding - the lower left margin has been extended with period paper.  

Reference: Jolly, Maps in British Periodicals, GENT-91. 

Shipped unmatted

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