c 1572-1620 Porcacchi Mariner's Sea Chart "...Carta da Navigare"


‘’DISCORSO INTORNO ALLA CARTA DE NAVIGARE”   Venice: Tommaso Porcacchi, c. 1572-1620.  Engraved chart with later hand-coloring. From L’Isole Piu Famose Del Mondo… (The most famous islands of the world). (Ref: Shirley #128).(Chart Image: 4 1/8 x 5 5/8’’) 

This detailed nautical chart depicts most of the world (excluding far eastern Asia and the western coast of North America – and thereby alluding to a connection between the two) with major countries and oceans named.  It is one of two world maps included in Porcacchi’s popular atlas.

Based on the 1569 Mercator world map, it shows an extensive mythical southern continent full of mountain ranges and several notes of “Terra Incognita” (land unknown). North America shows “L’Arcadia”, “La Nova Franza”, “Nova Spagna”, “La Florida” as well as “India Superior”.  

Beneath the map, and continuing verso, is Italian text, which provides additional detail pertaining to the image.  The surface is criss-crossed with rhumb lines emanating from 16 points. 

Presented in an archival 16x12'' mat

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