c 1460 Book of Hours Leaf - Madonna & Child Enthroned


Original leaf from a medieval manuscript Book of Hours. 17 lines of text, ruled in red, written in Latin with dark brown and red ink in gothic script on animal vellum.(150x100mm – 6 x 4’’) 

One four-line initial, one one-line initial, and one line-extender in burnished gold with blue internal penwork and surrounded by a deep blue color and delicate red pen-work; one one-line initial in blue with red pen-work. Beautiful panel borders of burnished gold, deep blue and delicate red and blue pen flourishes.

Southeastern France, Aix or Marseilles, c. 1460. (Made for a patron most likely residing in Provence, along the stretch between Aix & Marseilles – a region host to scribes & artists from all over Europe). This unusual leaf was formerly in the collection of Count Paul Durrieu (1855-1925), one of the first and most eminent historians of late Medieval French Illuminated Manuscripts and Keeper of Manuscripts at the Bibliotheque Nationale

The three-quarter-page miniature painting depicts the Madonna & Child Enthroned – surrounded by adoring saints – including, on her left, Sts. Magdalene (holding a jar of ointment) and St. Catherine of Alexandria (holding a sword and book); on her right is St. Peter (holding a key and a book).

This leaf begins the section known as the Psalter of the Virgin. “Ave porta paradise…” (Hail, gate of paradise timber of life, which I have lost already does through thee for me the fruit of salvation grow and become sweet).

Presented in an archival 14 x 11'' mat


  • Inventory# IM-12782