Ancient Billon Silver Tetradrachm c. 249-251 AD - TRAJAN DECIUS


Billon Silver Tetradrachm, Ancient Rome, c. 249 – 251 AD

Ruler: Trajan Decius

Obv: Laureate bust of Decius, right

Rev: Imperial Eagle, standing ¾ right

Colonial Issue, Mint: Antioch

Legends in Greek

Sear-GI4209, 26mm, 13.54 gm

Trajan Decius was Roman Emperor from 249 to 251. In the last year of his reign, he co-ruled with his son Herennius Etruscus until they were both killed in the Battle of Abritus.

Decius' political program was focused on the restoration of the strength of the State, both militarily opposing the external threats, and restoring the public piety with a program of renovation of the State religion.

During his reign, he proceeded with several building projects in Rome, "including the Thermae Decianae or Baths of Decius on the Aventine", which was completed in 252 and survived through to the 16th century; Decius also repaired the Colosseum, which had been damaged by lightning strikes.

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