Ancient Silvered Bronze Coin - AE Follis - Maximinus II


Silvered Bronze - AE Follis, Ancient Rome, c. 310-313 AD

Ruler: Maximinus II (as Augustus)

Obv: Laureate bust of Maximinus II, right

Rev: Genius of the Emperors

Mint: Alexandria (310 AD)

Sear R-14852, 25mm, 6.79gm

Exceptional Coin!

Maximinus II, also known as Maximinus Daia or Maximinus Daza, was Roman Emperor from 308 to 313. He became embroiled in the Civil wars of the Tetrarchy between rival claimants for control of the empire, in which he was defeated by Licinius.

Maximinus II was born of Dacian peasant stock to the sister of the emperor Galerius near their family lands around Felix Romuliana, a rural area then in the Danubian region of Moesia, now Eastern Serbia. He rose to high distinction after joining the army.

In 305, his maternal uncle Galerius became the eastern Augustus and adopted Maximinus, raising him to the rank of Caesar (in effect, the junior eastern Emperor), and granting him the government of Syria and Egypt.

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