c 1742 Manuscript Title Page for Covens/Mortier Atlas Nouveau


“ATLAS NOUVEAU …” Contemporary (c 1730-1742) manuscript title page replacement for a missing leaf for Volume II of the Covens and Mortier “Atlas Nouveau”.  

Folio-sized page (21 x 14.5 inches) on18th century watermarked laid paper. The page is skillfully executed by hand with manuscript lettering in red and black ink.  

The highlight of the page is a very fine pen and ink drawing of two putti in a sylvan landscape.  One of the putti is placing a wreath upon the other’s head, while the second figure holds a globe depicting the Eastern Hemisphere.  Interestingly, after the careful rendering of the vignette, Covens' name in the next line is misspelled "Convens".

Covens and Mortier’s Atlas Nouveau was a later edition of the famous De L’isle Atlas. It was published between 1730-1742.  This leaf is undated, as is the printed title page for the atlas in the Rumsey Collection (Stanford University). In excellent condition - two unobtrusive folds and with blank verso 

“An integral part of map collecting is the study of frontispieces and title pages of atlases.  They are usually very elaborate affairs, engraved by the finest craftsmen available, not only announcing the title of the volume, but enticing the viewer to look further into the pages...” (R. B. Williams; Investing in Maps; p.147-9).  “It is important that what was once the first and most important display leaf in a valuable work should be treasured…” (Rodney W. Shirley, The Map Collector, #46 p. 17).

Shipped unmatted

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