Bronze Statuette of Rooster - c 10th - 12th century AD


A very fine solid cast bronze statuette of a strutting Rooster. The bird stands alertly upright, with folded wings and the left leg forward. The feather pattern is well detailed in a stylized manner and the legs terminate in an integral base so the figure is free standing.

Ancient Eastern Roman/Byzantine - circa 10th - 12th century AD

Excellent condition, with attractive green and brown patina, and some surface encrustation. Mounted on an old wooden base. (58 x 44 mm – 1 7/8” high x 1 11/16'' long)

Provenance: ex collection of Arthur M. Sackler (1913-1987), entrepreneur and philanthropist.

In ancient Rome, the Rooster heralded the dawn and was a bird sacred to the Sun God (Sol) and the messenger god (Mercury). In early Christian art, he appears as a symbol of the Passion of Christ and is often shown to represent Saint Peter’s denial and repentance.

  • Inventory# PA-3110