Ancient Roman Handled Pitcher, c. 3rd-4th Cent AD


Ancient Roman Handled Pitcher, c. 3rd – 4th Century AD

A fine Roman free blown apple-green glass jug with applied strap handle, and a rounded body with slender neck and flaring lip. This jug was formed of four separate pieces of glass. The body was blown separately and manipulated to form a distinctive ribbed swirl pattern. The neck was decorated with an applied glass ring and applied glass forms another ring underneath the lip. A pontil mark from the blowing process is evident on the base.

A well-crafted artifact  in excellent condition, with nice iridescence.

Ref: Roman and Early Medieval Glass, Ernesto Wolf Collection, 2001, catalog # 140 for an eastern Mediterranean Roman flask with similar swirled ribs.

Provenance: Ex-collection Royal Ontario Museum

The survival of this fragile glass seems nearly miraculous. Occasionally examples where the glass has reacted to burial exhibit a shimmering iridescence that has long captivated the imagination of the most ardent collectors and artists.

(121 x 75 mm – 4 ¾ x 3 inches)

  • Inventory# PA-3556