c 1907 Otoe Indian Woman - Original photo by George B Cornish


Original collotype photo by George B. Cornish titled: OTOE INDIAN WOMAN.  Published Arkansas City, KS, 1907.(7 7/8 x 5 7/8’’) . An attractive  black and white image with sepia tone, in excellent condition.

A handsome dignified portrait of an Otoe Indian woma. She wears a shirt with silver ornaments on the shoulder, earrings with long beaded strands, and beadwork necklaces.

George Barcroft Cornish was assistant to W. S. Prettyman at the Oklahoma Land Rush in 1893 where he made the famous image of the first chaotic seconds of the “Run”.  Cornish established a studio in Arkansas City (a boom town on the border of Indian Territory) where he concentrated on photographing cowboys and Indians in the Ponca City, Bliss, and Guthrie areas, as well as at the renowned 101 Ranch.  His images were sold at Cornish Studio in Arkansas City and the gift shop at the 101 Ranch and Wild West Show.

Examples of this fine image of a Native American are in the Special Collections of the Degolyer Library at SMU, Kansas City Library, and the Cherokee Strip land Rush Museum.

Shipped unmatted

  • Inventory# I-168