c 1864 Territories of NE, CO, ID, Dakota & New state of KS


“JOHNSON’S NEBRASKA DAKOTA COLORADO IDAHO & KANSAS”  New York:  Johnson & Ward, c. 1864. Original hand-colored map. (Image: 12 ½ x 15 ½’’)

This very historical map depicts the Territories of Nebraska, Dakota, Colorado, Idaho, and the State of Kansas.  Idaho Territory extends eastward and includes present-day Montana, and Wyoming (Idaho Territory had these boundaries only 1863-64 - it was admitted as a state in 1890).  Dakota Territory was split and admitted as North and South Dakota in 1889.  Colorado Territory is shown as a newly created territory (1861) and was admitted as a state in 1876.  Nebraska Territory became a state in 1867.  The State of Kansas is depicted just three years after statehood. This unusually informative map locates most of the Indian Tribes, shows proposed rail routes, locates mines, identifies mountain passes - many with elevation noted, and names most major towns, cities, forts and water routes.  

Shipped unmatted

  • Inventory# M-9917