Ancient Silvered Bronze Double Denarius - Probus c. 276-282 AD


Silvered Bronze Double Denarius, Ancient Rome, c. 276-282 AD

Ruler: Probus

Obv: IMP PROBVS PF AVG Radiate & cuirassed bust, left

Rev: “PAX AVGVSTI” – Pax standing left with olive branch & scepter

Mint: Siscia, c. 278-280 AD

S-R12001v, 22mm, 3.93gm

Probus (Marcus Aurelius Probus Augustus), was Roman Emperor from 276 to 282.

Probus entered the army around 250 upon reaching adulthood. Appointed as a military tribune by the emperor Valerian, he later distinguished himself under the emperors Aurelian and Tacitus. He was appointed governor of the East by Tacitus, whose death in 276 prompted Probus' soldiers to proclaim him emperor.

Florianus, the half-brother of Tacitus, was also proclaimed successor by his soldiers, but he was killed after an indecisive campaign. Probus travelled west, defeating the Goths along the lower Danube in 277, and acquiring the title of Gothicus. His position as emperor was ratified by the Senate around this time. 

  • Inventory# PA-3322