c 1676 "A Map of Virginia and Maryland" - John Speed


“A Map of VIRGINIA AND MARYLAND…” London: John Speed, 1676. Exceptionally fine engraved map. Verso text: English. Centerfold and uncolored, as usual for this issue.(Image: 14 ¾ x 19 ¼’’)

This famous map landmark map is Derivative 9, State 1 (bears imprint of Basset and Chiswell), of the John Smith map of Virginia. It combines Smith’s topography with place names from Augustine Hermann’s 1673 map. It was engraved by Francis Lamb and appeared in the final edition of Speed’s A Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World.  

Numerous settlements are located in the Chesapeake Bay region – with many places given new English names, while the interior remains relatively unnamed – showing how little was yet known of eastern North America, even after more than fifty years of English colonization.

Reference: Burden The Mapping of North America II, #456; Tooley, The Mapping of America, pg. 170, illustrated pl. 78; Goss, The Mapping of North America, Map 40, illustrated: Papenfuse and Cole, Atlas of Historical Maps of Maryland, illustrated figure 15a.

Shipped unmatted

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